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f/f smut - don't read if you don't like that sort of thing

sparked by SRSVision's…

Denise is the OC of used with permission


"I tell you it's 100%."

"No way - she's totally straight and I should know since I hit on her maybe a dozen times in the past."

The guy shrugged, "$100 says it's 100% certain."

"Okay, I'll try it but no bet. If you're wrong you give me a hundred for the embarrassment."

The guy shrugged.


"I really don't know," said Denise.

"You must have something slutty," replied her friend. "It's a hookers and pimps party and I want to see you turn heads like you did at college."

"I'm a teacher now - respectable. I need to set an example."

"Oh pfft, it's the weekend," the friend continued as she rummaged through Denise's drawers. "Darn, don't you have anything slinky at all!"

"I got rid of all that. I told you res..."

"Respectable, yeah yeah. Hmm, there's this," the friend pulled out a silky black top, "not much skin though."

"I meant to throw that out - bit too see-through."

"You were going to throw it out - so you won't mind if i modify it a bit?"

"I guess not," replied Denise unsure.

Her friend took some scissors and snipped off the arms of the top and then the bottom half and then most of the remaining back until it was basically just a thin strip of silk.

Denise's jaw dropped. "I can't wear that. It would barely cover my chest!"

The friend smiled, "not your chest no - come on get that sweater off i want you to try it on."

Denise grumbled under her breath but was secretly curious to see it herself and so pulled off her sweater and unbuttoned her white blouse.

The friend clicked her fingers, "bra too."

Denise hesitated.

"I'm not Sindy, come on."

Denise reddened at the mention of their bisexual pal but did what she was told, removed her bra and took the mutilated silk top.

The friend whistled. "Actually maybe I can see Sindy's point."

"Hmph," replied Denise secretly rather turned on by the sight of herself in the mirror. The almost nonexistent top was very sexy.

"Now the bottom half," the friend murmured, resuming her rummaging. "Aha!" She held up some jean shorts. "Pants off."

Denise mumbled some feeble resistance but was actually quite enjoying being told to undress and what to wear.

With the shorts on the friend muttered "no, too long" and got her scissors again, snipped, snipped some more and then a little more. "Perfect, now heels."

Denise looked at herself, breasts bulging against the thin strip of material, tiny shorts - she liked it, imagined lascivious eyes on her. Her imagination started to drift off - dancing for a crowd - dozens of lustful eyes on her...

Her friend coughed holding up some heels. "Wakey, wakey - these heels okay."


"I have to dash. Pick you up at eight okay."

"Pick me up - I can drive my..."

Too late.


Denise had a long coat over her outfit and it was already dark outside so she didn't feel embarrassed getting out of the car and walking into Joe's apartment building, her friend just behind her also in a long coat.

"I'll take our coats and put them in my apartment," her friend said.

Denise shook her head, her friend living in the same apartment building as Joe's made her coming to pick her up even weirder. "Whatever," she thought as she took off her coat.

Her friend whistled, "seriously hot babe. I'll stash these and then I need to make a phone call - be right up." Her friend disappeared down the hall.

Denise shivered, suddenly self-conscious - but his apartment was only a couple of floors up - no big deal.

Denise got to Joe's floor and was headed to his apartment door when she felt a hard object in the small of her back and heard a gruff "hands up" in a husky voice.

"I haven't done anything," Denise squealed in surprise.

"Sorry miss, a robber fitting your description was reported in this building. Hands up and move this way."

Denise raised her arms and let herself be pushed towards the bannisters. She felt one wrist cuffed and then as she was turned to face the cop the second wrist was cuffed also.


Sindy giggled and stood back, looking Denise up and down lasciviously. "That is one hot outfit Denise."

Denise wriggled under the gaze. Sindy had come on to her before and she'd turned her down as it wasn't her thing but now - something about being restrained like this - Sindy could do anything she wanted to her and Denise couldn't stop it - Sindy could take Denise's lesbian cherry right there on the landing if she wanted.

Sindy rubbed her night stick along Denise's hip. "Your nipples are getting hard."

"No they're not," Denise replied, throat already thick.

Sindy continued stroking, moved the night stick to Denise's inner thigh. "Your voice is choking, your nipples are like bullets."

"I'm not a lesbian."

"Looks like Joe was right - get a straight girl with a strong submissive kink in a bondage situation and they get so hot from the bondage they turn bi."

"Not true," Denise replied, moaning at the pressure from Sindy's night stick as it slid back and forth between her legs.

"I wonder how wet you are right now," Sindy murmured as she unzipped Denise's shorts and pulled them apart. "You want me to know how wet you are?"

"No," Denise mumbled, her body screaming for Sindy's hand to follow the night stick.

Sindy placed her night stick on the steps behind and slipped her hand inside Denise's shorts. "Soaking."

Denise's head rocked back with a loud "oh god!" as Sindy's fingers slipped inside her.

"Hundred dollars then," said Joe, leaning against the wall outside his apartment.

Sindy removed her mouth from Denise's breast. "That wasn't the bet."

"True, just thought you might think finally having your way with Denise after all these years was worth $100."

Denise turned her head, eyes glazed, everyone from the party was in the corridor watching her - watching her moaning with lust as Sindy ravished her. For a brief second she was filled with embarrassment and then she looked again through eyes blurry with pleasure at all the faces, all those hot eyes so turned on seeing her with another woman. It made her knees weak - all those turned on faces watching her.

"In a way," replied Sindy "but I want her on tap, dropping to her knees when i click my fingers you know. Temporary bi is hot but how do I make it permanent?"

"Well, Joe replied. "You're the one says she's so good at it. Denise wants it bad right now so - give it your best shot."

Sindy turned to Denise with a lustful grin and licked her lips.

"Oh gosh," mumbled Denise, too turned on to speak.

Sindy dropped to her knees, pulled down Denise's shorts and slipped her head between Denise's thighs. The spectators could tell when she slipped Denise her tongue when Denise rocked, shivered and screamed "oh god!"

Joe got out his phone and started filming. So did Denise's friend. So did everyone at the party. Denise imagined they were all going to jerk or rub themselves off later over seeing her being licked by a woman. All of them so hot watching her have lesbian sex. She loved it. All of them so hot watching her. She wanted to make it even hotter for them - give them a show. Denise started to grind against Sindy's thirsty tongue.
Let Me Entertain You
f/f smut sparked by SRSVision's…

Denise is the OC of used with permission


No journal entries yet.


United Kingdom

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